Member Of Moment Amelia Reigstad

Member of the Moment ~ Amelia Reigstad

by Anne Mies | March 9, 2018 |


Share with us, who “Amelia” is and cliff notes version of how you got here!
Wife, mother, University Professor, Ph. D student, patriotic Canadian, lover of wine, yoga enthusiast, gardener, amateur chef, passionate traveler.

My journey began in Vancouver BC Canada where I was born and raised before moving to the Twin Cities in 2012. My education in public relations had me working for the number one ski resort in North America and multiple universities. I eventually started a PR consultancy called Crosspoint Communications while at the same time began to teach. My passion and love for educating up and coming professionals was quickly ignited. In 2007, I switched gears and have been teaching full-time for the past 10 years.

You are an Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin River Falls, what is your marketing niche and what fuels your passion to teach?
My teaching philosophy is based on passion, success and real-life experiences and involves recognizing the diverse cultural backgrounds of students and peers. Because of my love for the public relations/communications industry and dedication in seeing students succeed in the same field, I try to instill real-life experiences into my teaching with a focus on how things are in the “real-world.”

If you could offer one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be? (and would she have listened to you!?)
Only one piece of advice? Ha! I suppose the one piece of advice I would have given to myself at a younger age would have been to slow down and not take on too much at once. And no, I wouldn't have listened

How has MWMC benefited you, your career, your learning, and network?
MWMC has benefited me greatly by introducing me to a variety of different women at programming events that are like no other. Learning from other women in the marketing communications industry has broadened my scope and I appreciate all that I have learned.

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