About Minnesota Women in Marketing Communications (MWMC)

Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications (MWMC) provides high-quality, future-focused events and diverse leadership opportunities in a supportive, empowering environment that elevates female professional marketers and advances their careers. MWMC takes pride in delivering local marketing training, workshops and professional development to women in Minnesota.

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Our Members

member_demographics_2014We are proud of our diverse membership and celebrate the talents of our community. We have a base of talented professionals from many different industries and organizations as well as women entrepreneurs. Take a look at our infographic for a snapshot of who we are.



Our Members

Meet Our Leaders

MWMC Board

The board is made up of active members who volunteer to ensure one thing - that members
get the organization that they want.

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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is made up of active members who are past MWMC presidents. They offer informal advice and support to the board of directors and committee members.

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Sponsor Us

Interested in driving awareness and building your business? Consider sponsoring MWMC.

We are looking for sponsors willing to explore how we can make the MWMC membership experience the best it can be. Our focus is on delivering the best opportunities of development to our members; Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications.

Sponsorship of MWMC offers a great opportunity to create awareness and affinity with our membership base. With several events a month, regular digital and direct communications and positioning on our website, sponsorship offers a multitude of ways to build exposure and awareness. Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship.

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Calling All Volunteers

Looking for ways to build your resume? Learn a new skill? Flex your expert marketing muscles? MWMC is seeking volunteers to assist in a number of areas from membership to events, and we would love to have your help! Please contact MWMC president Candee Wolf at candee@wolfolson.com to learn more.