Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications (MWMC) is proud to offer the annual Volunteer of the Year Award to a deserving member volunteer who delivers exceptional experiences throughout the year. MWMC is strong because of our volunteers who bring their unique talents to the organization, in the areas of Programming, Marketing, Membership, Glass Crashers Mentoring and board service.

Volunteers with MWMC help the organization deliver future-focused programs, inspiring communications, welcoming touch points and an empowering environment to advance the careers of female professionals in the industry. MWMC volunteers are passionate about our mission to inspire women in the field by being welcoming, valuable and impactful.

Welcoming: We provide an accessible network that is welcoming, helpful and passionate.
Valuable: We create value by providing opportunities to share knowledge, learn and grow.
Impactful: We impact careers through enriching experiences, connections, and events.

Past Volunteer of the Year Award Winners Include:

Sara Martin: Membership
Candee Wolf: Glass Crashers Mentoring Program
Kristin Maija Peterson: Branding & Website Redesign

Eligibility: All volunteers who are members in good-standing are eligible. Up to two winners may be named in any one year. A volunteer member may receive the award more than once though not within two consecutive years. General board members are eligible; however, executive board members (President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President) are not.

Nominations: Nominations can be made by any member of MWMC. Self-nominations accepted. All nominations should briefly demonstrate how the nominee exemplifies MWMC’s mission to be welcoming, valuable and impactful through her volunteer work for the organization.

Selection: The MWMC executive board will review all nominations and select an award recipient.

Recognition: The Volunteer of the Year award will be presented at MWMC’s year-end event in May. The recipient will receive recognition at the event as well as an award to take home.

MWMC Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

Nominate A Member for MWMC’s Volunteer of the Year.
  • Be as concise and specific as possible (limit to 300 words). What makes this nominee an exceptional candidate for MWMC’s Volunteer of the Year? How does this nominee exemplify the MWMC mission of being welcoming, valuable and impactful?
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