Important Message from MWMC Board

For the past 11 years, Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications (MWMC) has been dedicated to offering women a high-quality organization that provides unique programs, diverse leadership opportunities and a supportive environment that empowers women. We’re proud of our accomplishments over the past 11 years and we're thrilled to announce exciting changes in our future.

Beginning June 1, 2018, we are officially dissolving our organization and transferring membership to another exceptional, female-focused group in the Twin Cities, TeamWomenMN. This decision wasn't made lightly. We consulted with prior MWMC leaders, and our current members voted on, and approved of, this new direction for our organization.

Transferring membership to TeamWomenMN will allow us to provide you with many of the same benefits of MWMC, but on a larger scale and with opportunities MWMC alone cannot provide, including:

Robust Membership: More than 400 members are connected through a special membership portal to allow for easy networking and making connections.

Mentorship Program: TeamWomenMN has a deep pool of mentors in their established program that has created 196 cross-generational mentor/mentee pairings.

Events: TeamWomenMN events include a mix of educational opportunities, power lunches, and speed networking events.