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Make Yourself An Amazing Mentor/Mentee

by Elise Bye | March 16, 2018 | ,

Ever thought about mentoring? Ever wanted a mentor? Mentor/Mentee relationships can be valuable to both parties, not just the mentee. While some of these relationships can last throughout a career, they can also last for a shorter amount of time. One of the biggest reasons (and most valuable reasons, I think!) The reason I got involved with MWMC and continue to be a member is the great women I’ve gotten to know through the organization. While some of these have relationships have been formal mentorships, others have just been quick questions and coffee chats when one of us needs help solving a problem. Having a network of people to reach out to is a great resource to have as you move through the various stages of your career.

Here are some tips for being a great mentor or mentee:

Listen: Lending an open ear, even if you don’t have advice right away, just listening to someone can help. It shows you support them and are there for them as they work through whatever they are working through.

Be Available: Life is busy, we all have a million things going on. One of my biggest tips is to make time for those who reach out. It doesn’t always have to be a weekly coffee or monthly lunch. Sometimes a quick phone call over lunch is all that’s needed. Checking in with your mentor or mentee is a great way to show you’re available when they need you.

Learn: As a mentee, you go into this relationship knowing you’re going to learn a ton. However, mentors can learn too, you never know when your mentee can teach you! Discussing your issues at work and see what your mentee thinks, getting a fresh perspective can help you solve problems too.

Be Prepared: Everyone’s time is valuable, so when you meet with your mentor or mentee make sure you’re prepared with issues and questions you want to ask. Review your notes from your last few meetings so you’ll be up to speed on what’s going on. Create an agenda (even if it’s just a mental one) of how you’d like to spend your time, but remember to be flexible too!

For me, mentoring and being part of MWMC has lead to so many great relationships! Learn more about MWMC’s Glass Crashers Mentorship program or how to join.

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