Inspiring Knowledge, Growth & Friendship

Glass Crashers is a program to help women of all ages and skill levels grow through knowledge sharing and camaraderie. It’s second cohort is currently meeting in pairs throughout the Twin Cities.

Glass Crashers is a mentoring program, yet different from your standard interpretation of such a platform. At its core, the word mentor simply means a trusted counselor or guide. Someone to help or give advice to another who is often less experienced; however, that doesn’t automatically mean older advising those younger.

Every one of us is an incubator of knowledge. Every one of us is still a learner. With Glass Crashers, age doesn’t matter; it’s all about the skills and knowledge you want to share or acquire. If you want to grow through knowledge sharing and make friends and connections along the way, this is the program for you!


How Glass Crashers Works

Glass Crashers, from MWMC, is here to help women of all ages and skill levels grow through knowledge sharing and camaraderie. Here’s a quick look at how the program works:

  • 9-week Semi-Structured Program from March 16 - May 12, 2017. We’ll provide both participants with resources and tips to help make the journey rewarding and fun!
    • Open to all MWMC members.
    • A MWMC Advisor will be assigned to each pairing to help guide them.
    • Over the course of the 9-week period, participants are encouraged to make the most of the experience by meeting in person at least 2x and touching base weekly.
  • No Fee. Glass Crashers is a value-added benefit of your MWMC membership!
  • Pairings are made based on skills and knowledge.
    • Coach = MWMC member willing to share her skills and knowledge.
    • Student = MWMC member seeking to learn new skills and knowledge.
    • Member participants can choose to participate in multiple pairings.


Our program will begin March 16. To participate, fill out the form below by March 1: