Join us for an MWMC Twitter Chat

MWMC Twitter Chats are discussions held between MWMC members, non-members, guest speakers, and industry experts.

If you aren't familiar with Twitter chats and want to learn more, we've gathered a few resources to help you join the conversation.

What are Twitter chats?

Twitter chats are regularly scheduled conversations held on Twitter that are moderated by one or more people and often include a guest expert or industry thought-leader. Twitter users gather together on a specific day and time to answer questions and give opinions on specific topics of interest.  

How can I participate in a Twitter chat?

During the discussion, participants can follow and contribute to the conversation through the use of a distinct hashtag, reading comments and questions re-tweeted by one of the moderators, and/or by using a chat tool like Tweet Chat or 3rd party Twitter application such as Tweet Deck.

We use the hashtag #MWMCtalk for MWMC's Twitterchats.

Join us to share your thoughts, gain valuable information, and discover helpful resources for staying educated and informed.

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