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The Only Thing for Certain is: Un-certainty

by Anne Mies | September 1, 2017 | ,


If you had asked me two and a half years ago where I’d be, I would never have guessed it would be here: Job seeking for the second time, taking leadership positions with industry groups, reaching out to people I don’t know, making valuable connections, and embracing opportunities in areas I normally would perceive as un-comfortable and be finding tremendous value, reward, and learning.

Two and a half years ago, I walked into a “goodbye party” for a former colleague who was moving out of town. I dragged myself there, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know the area. I’m not good at small talk with people I don’t know. What happened? I made small talk with several people I didn’t know. It was fine. The party was breaking up and as I stood behind a young woman to say good bye to our host, we started chatting. She worked for Target, she was struggling with a project and asked my opinion – Apparently, she liked what I had to say because we ended up sitting down and chatting for another hour! She had been in transition before (I was new to the concept). We set up coffee for the following week.

She introduced me to MWMC and I met her at an event where she connected me to some really interesting and wonderful women. I joined MWMC. I stayed loosely engaged.

Realizing that I wanted to build my leadership skills, I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined Glass Crashers mentorship program. What I discovered was that I was mentored more than I could have imagined– my “mentee” was a remarkable human who had different life experiences to share with me and together, we made each other stronger.

Then one day, an email appeared in my inbox from MWMC, they asked if I wanted to be featured as a “Member of the Moment.” (Did they send this to the right person? I wasn’t a super active member, nor was I what I would consider “highly achieved” in the MarCom World)

With honesty and authenticity, I responded to the general “get to know me” questions and sent it off, not really knowing what I was getting into.

BAM! It was published. I was encouraged to share it on my social/professional networks.

I did.

That was a moment where I was met with more positivity and inspiration than I could have imagined.

Later that fall, I attended an event called “Overcoming the Confidence Gap.” The speaker, Kelly Olson, was AMAZING. Like many women, I struggle with confidence. I learned that I am not alone and with a few key strategies Kelly shared, a mind shift can occur and you begin to believe in yourself!

Last spring, the leadership at MWMC asked me to join the board in a Membership capacity. I was honored and flattered.

It is 2½ years since my first MWMC event and I’m in job search again, but I’m more empowered and encouraged by what the future holds because of the wonderful women I’ve met and continue to meet. I feel supported and networked. My goal is to pay it forward by sharing this remarkable resource with others and hope you will too!

September 21st is our next event: Standing Out in the Job Search, Even When You Aren’t Looking – I hope to see you there!


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