A Year in Review from MWMC President

by Jill Pettit | May 3, 2017 |

The mission of MWMC is to inspire women in marketing and communications to become welcoming, valuable and impactful. I see our mission shine brightly whenever I’m around the members of this organization: from workshops to peer-to-peer luncheons, to happy hours, even to our board meetings and email communications. We are here to celebrate each other, learn from amazing women, all in the spirit to help each other in our careers and in our lives.

The women in this organization are the reason I’m here today. I first joined this organization looking for something I wasn’t getting from my boss or my career. I was immediately welcomed and found a home among these women. Every time I walk away from time spent together, I feel inspired and valued.

This year is the 10th anniversary of MWMC and I am proud to be a part of its history. While our group looks a little different than it did 10 years ago, the mission continuous to live on with each one of us.

When I started my presidency, Beth Johnson, MWMC past president, asked me what I wanted to accomplish this year. My response was simplicity. I was personally struggling with the additional responsibility of leading this organization with my other responsibilities. I wanted to do a good job but wasn’t sure how to best approach and get everything done. I realized I’m not alone. We all have other obligations and as women, we tend to think we can do it all. I figured the answer would be in simplicity and having good people around me.

So this year, we planned all of our events on the third Thursday of each month, alternating between workshops, peer to peers, and happy hours. We brainstormed programming ideas at the beginning of the year so we could plan out the full year to not only help us plan each event but to also make it easier for our members to attend the events. I felt we could put on quality programming effectively and efficiently if we had the right people to help.  And we did it. We had amazing events this year, shared incredible content and met wonderful women throughout the year. And it will continue on.

This last summer I was featured as a member of the moment and I was asked, “What advice would I give my younger self?” I answered with to surround yourself with good people. You need good people in your life to support you, congratulate you, prop you up, and to sit you down and give you the truth in all aspects of your life. I surrounded myself with good people on this year’s board. I want to thank my fellow board members for their time, expertise, and shared admiration of this organization.

To Beth, past president, for your calm presence and unending knowledge, and being my sounding board about MWMC and my job (which you helped me get.)

To Candee, president-elect, for your ideas, presence, and support.

To Cathy, marketing, to your commitment, even when things were busy and challenging.

To Celia, marketing, to your passion and willingness to get it done.

To Mary, programming, for taking the ball and running with it with our events, and owning it.

To Michelle, programming, for your enthusiasm and jumping in head first on this wild programming ride.

And to Sara, membership, for your dedication to growing this organization one member at a time.

And to the other volunteers that have helped us in one way or another throughout this year. Kristen Peterson, Anne Mies, and Elise Bye. Thank you.

This organization is run by volunteers and it couldn’t be done without each and every one of you. I sincerely thank you. For those who want to be a volunteer, I urge you to take that next step and get involved. Trust me, it’s worth it.

My term as president officially ends at the end of May, and I will continue on to serve as past-president with a new board under Candee’s leadership. I look forward to what our future will bring with these great women.



Jill Pettit

Marketing Manager, Froehling Anderson
Email: jillcpettit@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jillcpettit